Former IEBC commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe has once again revisited the murder of former ICT manager Chris Msando.

Through Twitter, Akombe eulogized Msando, as a forthright man who was silenced for his standing up for electoral justice.

“Today, you should have turned 48. But you were silenced, for standing up for electoral justice,” she tweeted.

Akombe further assured Msando's family that they will never tire of asking the government to bring the killers to book.

“To the Msando family, we cannot imagine your pain, especially during this festive season. But be assured that we'll never tire to seek for justice,” she added.

Since quitting the IEBC and relocating to the United States, Akombe has vowed to speak about the unfortunate killing of Msando until the time justice will be served.

She dismissed those saying the country and the family have moved on, adding that she will not speak about the unfortunate murder.

“And to those who wonder why I remind you of these travesty, when you have moved on. It is the least I can do to keep the memory of this hero alive. Until we finally find justice for him and his family. No matter how long it takes.”

Back in August, Akombe accused IEBC’s former chief executive Ezra Chiloba of threatening her into silence over Msando's murder.

She said Chiloba had sent her a threatening mail after she expressed interest to testify in the inquest of shadowy death of Msando.

"Do not attempt to rewrite history. Our silence is not your license," read an email alleged to be from Chiloba.

She said the threats were a confirmation of her earlier assertions that Msando's death was an IEBC inside job.