On Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a new set measures set to be implemented by the country in the fight against the corona virus pandemic.

During his address, President Kenyatta relaxed a number of measures including pushing curfew time from 9 to 11pm, re-opening of bars, allowing more people in churches, weddings and funerals.

The president also extended the economic stimulus package issued to cushion various sectors of the economy against loses.

While most sectors have something to smile about; two are languishing in disappointment after the Head of State failed to address their specific concerns.

Sectors worst hit by new Covid-19 guidelines

Entertainment industry

Musicians and different artists across the country were hoping that the President would hearken to their cry and provide a return to work formulas they have been home since mid-March.

Most stakeholders in the entertainment industry rely on shows and concerts as a way of living, but the president did not issue any announcement regarding re-opening of such public gatherings, meaning that the same is still on hold.

Artists were hopeful for re-opening of their sector as a number of politicians had been spotted engaging large crowds across the country.

Transport Sector

Ahead of the address, stakeholders in the transport sector especially long-distance travel were hopeful that the dusk to dawn curfew will be lifted to allow night travel. However, the extension of the curfew still provides a hurdle for them, meaning that a person travelling from Kisumu to Malindi may have to start very early or travel for two days.