Three miners in Bomet County were buried alive in a quarry after it collapsed.

Residents of Chepkositonik village in Bomet East Constituency are racing against time to rescue the sand miners trapped in a collapsed quarry.

The incident happened Tuesday as the miners went about their daily routine and currently, villagers have joined in the rescue efforts, added the authorities.

Locals said the walls of the quarry collapsed at about 10:00aam when the group was just starting the day’s work.

Rescue Mission

Bomet County disaster officer Stanley Mutai said a team has been mobilised to join the rescue operations.

In August 2020, three people died after a quarry wall collapsed on a lorry that they were loading building stones on, in Muthaara village of Juja in Kiambu County.

Witnesses said the lorry driver and one of his conductors died on the spot while another conductor died as he was being rushed to the hospital.

According to the owner of the lorry Elias Mwaura, the collapse of the wall at the Kwa Mugo quarry was caused by a crack on top of the deep quarry.