The Orange Democratic (ODM) Party will not field a candidate in the upcoming Nairobi Gubernatorial election, party chairman John Mbadi has confirmed.

Speaking to a local daily, Mbadi noted that ODM is in talks with Jubilee to have a joint candidature where the latter will have the governor and the former produces the running mate.

He, however, noted that an official lineup is yet to be arrived at.

“I can confidently say that our discussions are around having our partners producing a gubernatorial candidate… We have so far shared on the phone with Jubilee on our plans and we will make the final communication in due course,” he said.

Early this week, ODM leader Raila Odinga also hinted at partnering with Jubilee for the Nairobi Governorship stating that his party is ready to work together with the ruling outfit in the spirit of the handshake.

“Whatever working condition we can craft in Nairobi, which is cosmopolitan and we share it with Jubilee, we will negotiate and get a suitable pair that we can deliver for the people of Nairobi,” Odinga said.

Following the announcement it is highly likely that the handshake Nairobi governorship candidate will either be Dennis Waweru or Agnes Kaguru who have been cleared by Jubilee.

The move is a blow to contestants who were hoping to use the ODM ticket in the upcoming by-election.

The decision to work together also means that the handshake candidate will have advantage against his/her rivals as ODM and Jubilee enjoy massive support in the capital.