A man is currently recovering at a Voi hospital after his testicles were chopped off. 

The man who is underground treatment at the St Joseph's Shelter of Hope Hospital in Voi was attacked by people known to him.

The man's brother said he was attacked by four people as he collected firewood in a forest adjacent to his house in Bura location.

“He told us that a group of four people emerged from the forest and attacked him. They undressed him, cut off his genitals, threw them away, and fled,” said the brother.

After the incident, the man alongside the brother picked the genitals and rushed them to the hospital.

The incident has been confirmed by Mwatate Sub-county Police Commander Ahmed Abdile who said the hunt for the suspects is ongoing.

“Once we are through with our investigations we shall know the motive of the attack. But for now, investigations are still going on and the victim is in stable condition,” Abdille said yesterday.

Wesu Sub-county Hospital Medical Superintendent Lewa Omar said the man needed counseling.

“The victim needs help from a counselor and psychologist for him to accept his new way of life because he has been disabled,” said Omar.

The man was first taken to Mwatate Sub-county Hospital before he was transferred to the private hospital where he was admitted.