New details have emerged regarding how Nepalese belly dancers survived in the country before being rescued by police.

The nine belly dancers were rescued by Police from the Balle Balle club in Parklands. 

It has now emerged that despite being promised salaries, the dancers were never paid but survived on tips. 

The revelation came to light during a court proceeding at the Milimani law courts.  

The Milimani law court chief magistrate Francis Andayi was told the girls had been  

promised salaries before leaving their country but their ‘bosses’ changed tune when they arrived in Nairobi and commenced work.

Additionally, it emerged that the nine dancers were all over the age of 18, and not below, as was initially claimed. Their passports had been taken away without their consent. 

While testifying in the case, Corporal Judith Kimungui from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had told the court that they received intelligence reports that foreign under-age girls were being abused within the Parklands area. 

“We burst into Balle Balle Club in Parklands Nairobi after receiving intelligence reports that under-age girls were being abused at the night club. We identified ourselves then entered the club,” Cpl Kimungui recalled. 

When police struck they found the nine girls gyrating their bellies on the dance floor but they fled into a room within the entertainment joint. 

Inside the club, their 14 men of Asian origin and 11 Africans. 

Andayi ruled that the director of public prosecutions (DPP) has established a case against Mr. Sheikh Furoan Hussein, the proprietor of Balle Balle Club in Parklands Nairobi, where the belly dancers were found.