Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma made sensational claims on Saturday, December 2, 2021, after he alleged that Parliament will be gunning to oust DP William Ruto.

In a tweet, the MP claimed that Parliamentarians will prioritize impeaching the Deputy President this year if he does not resign.

"Impeaching DP William Ruto will be priority business for Parliament in 2021 if he doesn't resign," his tweet read.

Impeachent Calls

The MP did not give reasons as to why fellow legislators would want to impeach the deputy president amid a campaign to unify the country led by his party ODM under the BBI.

The DP and his supporters last year recommended that the planned BBI referendum should instead be held alongside the 2022 General Election to save taxpayer funds.

In a press conference, Dr Ruto insisted that there was still time to build more consensus for a “win-win” referendum instead of a “win-lose” one.

He also opposed several clauses, which have been included in the Constitution 2020 Referendum Bill.