Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has directed teachers across the country not to demand for students to report to school with sanitizers.

Speaking on Saturday after he inspected desks at Kibra Secondary School, CS Magoha noted that soap and clean water is sufficient.

He urged all schools to either buy bar or liquid soaps depending on their financial capability.

“Teachers asking students to bring sanitizers…this is not allowed! The question of writing to parents to buy gallons of sanitizers…where are you going to take them? That must stop!” he said.

He noted that while many students are disciplined and straight forward, there are some erratic pupils who may use sanitizers for other wrong purposes.

“Out of the 16 million children we have, maybe 50 of them are erratic in thinking. You do not want to give them a situation in which you bring so much liquid sanitisers to the school which they will use for other things,” he said.

On the issue of masks, Magoha noted that no student will be admitted in school without a mask. He further divulged that the government will only provide the protective gear for schools n slum areas.

"Masks will be provided to schools in slums areas and there will be no corruption in mask distribution. No child will be turned away though no child will be admitted without a mask. If you can buy the surgical masks, buy them if you can afford,” Magoha said.