The government is set to review exiting Covid-19 protocols enacted on November 4th. 

During the last address on the pandemic, President Uhuru Kenyatta initiated new protocols after the country witnessed a surge in new cases. 

Of interest will be the curfew hours that were set between 10 pm to 4 am. 

The National Emergency Response team has been meeting to advise on whether to lift or add more protocols in the bid to contain the virus. 

Once a decision has been agreed upon, President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to issue the way forward in the 14th address regarding the management of the pandemic.

In the last address, President Kenyatta directed all government employees over 58 years old or with pre-existing health conditions to work remotely unless working in critical sectors.

This comes as in-person learning for schools will resume on January 4th amid the challenge of enhancing social distancing in learn institutions.

Political gatherings and rallies remain suspended for 60 days; though town hall meetings were allowed to take place with one-third capacity. Restaurants, bars, and other establishments are now required to close by 21:00.

As of Saturday, Kenya had recorded a total of 96, 678 Covid-19 cases with total deaths standing at 1, 685.