A warden at Mwea Prison in Kirinyaga shot a policeman dead.

The man then killed himself in what police are suspecting is a love triangle gone sour.

Mwea East OCPD Daniel Kavita confirmed the incident which has left many shocked.

Amid a silent mental health crisis in the police force, the National Police Service (NPS) launched a counselling programme to help officers deal with depression and contain increasing cases of suicides.

Inspector-General of Police Hilary Mutyambai said the NPS had established Service Counselling and Rehabilitation Centre to address psychosocial problems affecting its members.

Mental Health

He urged police officers to seek help when faced with stressed rather than committing suicides.

“Talk to your friends, colleagues, relatives and anyone that can help solve an issue that may be disturbing you. Male officers are the most affected because they don’t talk. They need to open up,” he said.

The stress of work sometimes takes a toll on their mental health. Officers engage and deal with crime on a daily basis. They receive and handle matters of defilement, rape, murder, suicide and other serious crimes every other day.

These issues affect their mental health and ability to cope with normal situations. As a result, some of the officers end up depressed and psychologically affected.