Kenya Railways has introduced a new inter-county Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train that will be available at night in the Nairobi – Mombasa route.

According to Kenya Railways, two new Madaraka Express trains will be added to the normal commuter rail service in the route due to increased demand following the reopening of schools.

In a notice, KR said the two trains will be leaving both the Nairobi and Mombasa termini at 9 pm stopping at each of the seven intermediate stages in the six-hour ride.

Kenya Railways Managing Director Philip Mainga said the new set of trains in the night are set to complement the demand for travel following the reopening of schools.

“We are running this service because of the boom in passengers from the schools reopening with the aim of supporting parents, teachers and students moving from different locations. Airports and matatus have been overwhelmed,” he stated.

Facilitating back to school

The government said on Sunday it had put in place measures to make travelling easier during the back-to-school period.

Transport CS James Macharia said the measures were meant to ensure children were not stranded when schools reopen.

“We have agreed with players in the transport sector, including chairman of Matatu Owners Association, on three main robust measures, including that all matatu drivers will be tested for alcohol and that they will not drive for long hours, to avoid fatigue, which can increase the risk of accidents," the CS stated.

"The third is that they will not hike fares because parents have come from a very difficult time due to effects of the pandemic,” he added.