Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe has shed light as to what killed President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto's bromance.

Speaking in Nyeri on Tuesday, Mr Murathe revealed that DP Ruto's actions caused the fall out which has left many wondering.

“The president was even ready to campaign for the guy in 2022, but then Ruto thought, this guy is a sitting duck, I don’t need him and started his early campaigns,” Murathe stated.

“Ruto goes all over the country launching phantom projects which don’t happen, you saw the pledges he gave about the stadia, it has taken the involvement of the president to have the stadia done, you cannot give pledges without figuring out how that will be done,” he added.

Leaving Jubilee

He further claimed that Dr Ruto could be exiting the Jubilee Party in the near future.

“Listen to his allies, they are talking of going to the next polls with a different outfit, it is like a decision has been made, the other day he was at the headquarters, we gave him tea, he tried to reverse our decision in Mswambweni but it was not possible,” Murathe said.

“He may be on his way out of the party, and possibly out of the Government, he is on record saying he has no job, let's wait and see," he continued.