Senate Majority Whip and Murang’a senator Irungu Kang’ata has shed more light on the controversial letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding the BBI popularity in Mt. Kenya.

The letter emerged in the media on Sunday with BBI supporters condemning the senator in the manner he approached the issue.

In a statement, Kang’ata has apologized for the letter stating that it was leaked to the media by a third party.

Senator Kang’ata, however, maintains that the issues in the letter are substantive, adding that he hopes they will be remedied.

“Kindly though the letter dated 30th December is authentic, I didn’t give it to the media. Someone else who had been copied did. I apologise for that. With the benefit of hindsight. I should have copied no one else. Trust substantive issues raised in the letter will be remedied,” he said.

In the bold letter covering several other issues, the Senator says only two in 10 people in Central Kenya support the BBI, a finding he said is based on his own personal observations over the Christmas holiday. 

Following the letter, about 10 Governors from the region have hit out ar Kang’ata stating that he had a hidden agenda.

The county bosses faulted the Murang’a Senator over what they termed as breach of protocol in the manner in which he addressed the Head of State.

They added that while they acknowledge some of the issues raised by Kang’ata, they believe it is very premature to judge the BBI Bill.