Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has rubbished reports claiming that he is warming up to Deputy President William Ruto and his Hustler team.

On Thursday, Babu Owino put up a long inspirational post on his Facebook page encouraging Kenyans to be proud of their humble beginnings.

He cited former American President Abraham Lincoln, stating that although his father was a shoe maker, the latter was proud of him, as he made shoes like no one else did.

His post appeared to embrace the Hustler ideology that Deputy President William Ruto has been pushing, prompting a local publication to run a story on him warming up to the latter.

However, Babu has come out to rubbish the story, stating that he does not subscribe to Ruto’s political ideology.

Without mincing his words, Babu made it clear that he does not and will never support DP Ruto.

He took issue with the author of the story accusing him of spreading fake news.

“This is a journalist with a bird’s brain who should stop putting words in my mouth. I will never support Ruto,” he tweeted.