A new opinion poll by research firm TIFA has delved into the understanding of the BBI report by Kenyans.

Overall, TIFA's poll shows that the BBI report and its contents have low familiarity among Kenyans. The poll released on Friday shows that a whopping 84% of Kenyans are not familiar with BBI contents.

About 53% of Kenyans states that they know nothing about the BBI specifics, while 31% know little about the proposals. Only 15% of Kenyans are conversant with the BBI report. 

Based on these findings, there are all indications that there is a need for public sensitization for Kenyans to make an informed choice.

"Regardless of the low familiarity, most Kenyans feel that the Referendum should be held before the next general elections. Preference for a voting format that allows Kenyans to vote on each specific proposal," TIFA states. 

This means that there is still considerable work that needs to be done by champions of both yes or no campaigns to win over Kenyans to their side. 

On political affiliation, TIFA states that 66% of Raila Odinga supporters would vote Yes for the BBI while 14% would vote to know. The remaining 12% will not vote at all. 

36% of President Uhuru Kenyata supporters would vote. Yes, while 24% would object to the BBI. 22% of Uhuru supporters will not vote at all. 

Another 13% of DP William Ruto supporters would vote Yes for the document, while a whopping 50% will vote No. 30% of Ruto supporters will not vote at all. 

The report comes from Senate Minority Whip Irungu Kang'ata wrote a controversial letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta stating the BBI was unpopular in the Mt. Kenya region.