A section of elders from Murang’a County under their umbrella body ‘Council of Eminent Persons’ on Thursday ‘summoned’ area Senator Irungu Kang’ata for a meeting over his letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI ).

According to the Council, the meeting was aimed at understanding the senator’s point of view and context to which he wrote the letter.

"We had to find out from Senator Kang’ata the authenticity of that letter…whether it was even his letter and all that…we talked for about two hours or so.

“We’re very happy that he came and we discussed the whole matter, and we expressed our opinion and views at the procedure which was followed for writing the letter…so he is aware of our feelings…but we did not call him to reprimand him,” the council’s chair Joe Kibe told Citizen TV.

The Kang’ata letter has elicited mixed reactions with anti-BBI leaders hailing him for speaking out while pro-BBI leaders have condemned him.

In the letter, Senator Kang’ata urged the President to change tact as BBI is unpopular and might flop in the Mt Kenya region.

He cited the use of local administrators including chiefs and county commissioner as one of the reasons why Mt Kenya residents had decided to shun the BBI.

“Let us emphasize on the soft power and art of persuasion. In my humble view, the provincial administration in BBI process should be invisible,” he said in part.