Residents Nyamataro-Daraja Mbili in Kisii rushed to fetch oil after tanker fell in the are spilling the dangerous commodity.

A video shared online showed people rushing to the accident site with jerricans to retrieve the oil which was spilling by the roadside.

Elsewhere a truck ferrying loaves of bread has overturned at Mubau heading to Kanyoni Mang'u-Naivasha Road.

In 2016 a tanker heading to Uganda, appeared to lose control as it headed downhill before crashing into other vehicles in Naivasha.

More than 30 people died after a fuel tanker crashed into other vehicles and burst into flames.

“At 5am local time, the death toll was 33, but the search is still on,” Pius Masai of Kenya’s National Disaster Unit.

According to Masai, more than 11 vehicles burned when the tanker rammed into others on the road and caught fire.

Kenya’s Red Cross said the driver had lost control of the fuel tanker, which then crashed into other vehicles and “burst into flames”.

A passenger minibus and a police truck were among the vehicles gutted by the ferocious flames.

The accident occurred at Karai at the bottom of a long downward hill on the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway, the main cross-country road leading from Kenya’s capital to the west of the country and on to Uganda.