Details have now emerged that Lawrence Warunge hatched a plan to kill his parents and siblings three months ago. 

According to detectives, Lawrence had planned the murder of his family three months ago and was inspired by Villanelle's character in the TV series dubbed 'Killing Eve'.

The murder suspect also confessed that he had been reading two novels titled eight perfect murders and eve of murder before committing the gruesome murders.

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The 24-year-old then proceeded to brutally kill his parents, sibling, a cousin, and a mason.

Before the heinous act, Lawrence is said to have complained to the girlfriend, Sarah Muthoni, who is also being question by police, of the treatment he was receiving at home. 

DCI detectives leaving the crime scene 

The university student told Sarah that his parents looked down on him and the other siblings were treated differently. 

On the eve of the murder, 5th January 2021, Lawrence told the police that he had requested the girlfriend to buy two knives. 

According to the murder suspect, Sarah delayed with the knives and to his regret, the sisters left for school since he had planned to eliminate and wipe out the entire family. 

Lawrence was arrested by police on January 9, 2021, and after being questioned, he confessed to committing the murders. 

Police said that the body of the victims were so mutilated that they prevented relatives from viewing them.