According to Mutahi Ngunyi, Ruto moved from chicken seller to Deputy President because of his alleged association with the group.

Renowned political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi has made a damning allegation linking Deputy President William Ruto to the Freemason group.

Mutahi who is a sharp critic of the DP noted that the only way Ruto was able to rise from a chicken seller to Deputy President of the country was through the group which is associated with dark spirits.

“William Ruto was created by the freemasons in the Moi government. Fact. This is how a chicken seller from Sugoi became Deputy President from nowhere. True or True? Check the history,” he tweeted.

Earlier on, Prof Mutahi Ngunyi had also associated the recently launched UDA party to the freemasons arguing that its wheelbarrow symbol is also shared by the latter group.

“Did you know that the wheelbarrow is one of the symbols of the freemasons?” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Mutahi Ngunyi has been constantly firing salvos at the DP, accusing him of frustrating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last term at the office.

Last week, the prof came under fire after he claimed that DP Ruto is nothing with the support of the Kikuyu community.

“The best way to destroy William Ruto is to take Kikuyus away from him. It is that simple. Without Kikuyus, there is no Ruto. Our friend is walking on feet of clay. A mild afternoon shower in Gema will melt his feet of clay. End of discussion. Am I right or am I right?” he tweeted.