An autopsy conducted on the bodies of five members of a family murdered in Kiambu has revealed that they suffered a painful and slow death.

According to the autopsy, all the five bodies had stab wounds to the chest, and cases of blunt force trauma to the head.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor who was leading the autopsy further noted that neck vessels were also cut leading to severe bleeding.

"They were mainly stab wounds on the chest. Some of them had slash wounds on the neck.

"The injuries looked pretty similar and measured almost the same. The measurements of the stab wounds varied between three to four centimetres,”Oduor told journalists on Monday.

The pathologist further noted that the father and younger son suffered the most injuries, an indication that the attacker may have been angrier at the two.

“The person who got the most injuries was the father and son actually. I cannot remember exactly how many, but they had very many stab wounds, with severed necks. It is like the person who killed the two was doing it with a lot of anger,” Oduor divulged.

Oduor also noted that the mother put in some resistance before being murdered as she had a broken upper arm.

“The victims resisted, especially the mother. She had broken upper arms, like someone who is trying to block a blow from a blunt object,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Kiambu court on Monday ruled to detain Lawrence Warunge Njoroge, suspected of killing his family.

The court ruled to detain the suspect and his girlfriend Sarah Muthoni for 14 days pending police investigations.