Four schools have been closed in Kapedo area along the border of Baringo and Turkana counties after suspected bandits attacked the area.

Kapedo Primary, Kapedo Girls Primary, Lomelo Primary, and Kapedo Secondary are the four affected learning institutions.

The closure comes barely a week after school re-opened following a nine month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The closure is a massive blow to students as it will negatively affect their school calendar considering that national exams are in the corner. However, safety always comes first.

Reports on a local daily indicates that armed assailants allegedly raided a village in the area on Monday evening, leaving one person dead and others nursing injuries.

According to aarea Chief Mercy Asimit, a health centre was vandalized and ten houses during the raid.

Tension remains high in the area as locals escaped the village in a bid to avoid facing the wrath of the bandits.

“One person was killed and two others injured, close to 14 houses torched. Learners have not reported to schools for fear of being attacked,” she said.