Former Chief Justice David Maraga is set to enjoy a lucrative retirement package that will see him earn a send-off package of over Sh15 million.

The former CJ who retired earlier this week will benefit from the retirement package provided under the Deputy President and Designated State Officers Act, 2015.

In retirement, the former CJ will be entitled to two saloon cars replaceable once every four years. The two should not exceed 2,000cc. In addition to the two, he is also entitled to a four-wheel drive vehicle for long distance travel. This is also replaced once every four years and should not exceed 3000cc.

To facilitate his travel, Maraga will receive a fuel allowance amounting to 15% of the monthly pay earned by the current Chief Justice.

Every month, Maraga will receive a pension amounting to 80% of his last monthly salary.

He is also entitled to a health insurance package worth Sh Sh10 million for inpatient and Sh300,000 for outpatient. In addition, he will receive a Sh150,000 divided equally for dental and optical concerns.

On matters security, the former CJ is entitled to two armed bodyguards. In terms of staff, Maraga will be given one secretary, one personal assistant, two drivers, a gardener, a house-keeper, and a fully equipped office.

Maraga will continue enjoying a VIP status and will maintain a diplomatic passport together with his wife. While travelling, Maraga is entitled to access the VIP lounge at all the country’s airports.

To ensure that the former CJ and his wife enjoy the benefits, they will be required to submit their total expenditure to the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Treasury at least five months before the beginning of a new financial year.