A Form 2 student has been arrested after allegedly attempting to hack deputy principal.

The student from Mokwerero Secondary School in Kitutu Masaba had carried a panga after hatching a plan to attack the teacher.

According to a police report, the School Principal reportedly called the area Assistant Chief after the incident was thwarted.

The teacher was saved by other teachers and support staff who cornered the student and alerted the police.

Kisii School Incident

This comes just a day after a Form 3 student was arraigned in court in Kisii for stabbing two teachers.

Police Commander Jebel Munene said the student is in custody at Kisii Police Station awaiting arraignment as investigations continue.

The incident occurred after Mr Edwin Mokaya questioned the student for coming late to class. He then took him to the staffroom and asked him to kneel down.

It is there that the student reportedly took a knife and stabbed Mr Mokaya on the forehead, back and legs.

Another teacher, Elvis Maoto, who attempted to intervene was also stabbed before his colleagues managed to restrain the student.