Residents from a village in Kitui are shocked after twin brothers Onesmus Susa Mati and Gabriel Mutie Mati died on the same day.

This is a rare occurrence with such other case reported in March 2017, after 97-year-old twins, Katy Davis and Emma, fell and died on the same day in Rhode Island.

Onesmus was admitted to Kitui County Referral Hospital with kidney complications on January 6 and doctors advised that he undergo dialysis.

Gabriel left the village to check on his brother at the hospital and kept him company the entire day.

Upon reaching home, Gabriel suddenly fell ill at night and his condition deteriorated rapidly when he developed breathing complications.

His wife Florence Mutie said he was okay until 3 am when he started complaining of chest pains and died at the dawn of January 8.

At the hospital where Onesmus was admitted, doctors worried that his condition had not improved and they decided to put him on life support as they organised a referral to Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Nairobi.

But Onesmus did not reach Nairobi for treatment as he breathed his last, following Gabriel, who had died some five hours earlier.