Rarieda Member of Parliament Otiende Amollo has blasted Deputy President William Ruto about his wealth, stating that something does not add up on his story.

According to the DP, he is from a humble background and had to sell chicken in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County to get to where he is now.

However, according to Otiende Amollo, it is impossible for the DP to become one of the most richest person in Kenya and the East African region from selling chicken.

Otiende argued that for one to accumulate such wealth, they’ll have sell over a hundred billion chicken which is impossible.

He further noted that during their time, after High School most people joined University almost immediately, therefore there was no time for the DP to sell those many chicken to make such wealth.

“Let us stop some of these narratives. The Deputy President is a man who went to the University of Nairobi, when was he selling the chicken enough to make an empire?

“This narrative of people saying, I sold chicken until I made an empire it is absolute nonsense…The Deputy President other than joining politics has never worked on record anywhere, let us stop this nonsense.

“You cannot sell chicken in about 20 years and become one of the richest people in this country and the region, that’s absolute nonsense. How many chickens would you sell? 100 billion chickens? he said during an interview on Citizen TV, Thursday morning.