Retired Chief Justice David Maraga has weighed in on joining politics after his recent retirement from the Judiciary, noting that it is not an option for him.

Speaking during a recent interview, Maraga noted that he was open to joining public service, but not via a political office.

“I can still serve in a capacity that I think will be a fit for me… We can’t all be politicians…politics has never been my cup of tea,” he said.

At a separate interview, Maraga disclosed that he is keen to take a break, as he had not taken proper leave since he became the Chief Justice due to work pressures.

"I want to take a break. I have not taken leave since I became chief justice because of work pressures. I want to take proper time and rest, after that I want to write my memoirs and take life easy," Maraga stated.

In the candid interview, in which he addressed his tenure as CJ, Maraga said that he did his best to serve the people of Kenya.

"My tenure at the helm of Judiciary was interesting. It was a good tenure. I did my best to serve the people of Kenya. Most of my complaints were on the funding of Judiciary which is needed to run it properly," Maraga notes.