Lawrence Warunge has been declared fit to stand trial after a mental assessment.

Warunge, a university student is accused of killing both his parents, his brother, his cousin and a mason in Karura area of Kiambu County.

The assessment declared the accused of sound mind.

This means that the 22-year-old, together with his girlfriend Sarah Muthomi who was also assessed and found to be of sound mind on Thursday, will face murder charges.

Warunge, who is reported to have confessed claiming he single-handedly took the lives of his victims, is expected to be charged.

If he pleads guilty and confirms his confession before a court of law, he will be remanded before a ruling date is set.

Warunge previously confessed to detectives that he was inspired by hit TV show ‘Killing Eve’ to commit the murders.

He confessed that he chose to eliminate the four members of his nuclear family because they were talking ill of him behind his back.

The Mt. Kenya University student told detectives that he had initially planned to kill everyone including his two surviving sisters who are in school, but his plans were foiled when the two returned to school on December 5.

The four family members were buried on Saturday at their home.