A survivor of the Kiambu murder has surfaced providing new details of the heinous act where Lawrence Warunge allegedly killed all his family members.

Speaking during an interview on Sunday night, the survivor placed Lawrence at the murder scene, further noting that when he got home, he saw blood in one of the houses and that is when he came face to face with Warunge who was keen to silence him.

According to the survivor, Lawrence chased him around but he managed to outrun him.

“He chased me, but I ran as fast as I could. I heard footsteps behind me, but I kept running…The lights were switched on, and I could see a dead body.

"I looked inside the house and saw Warunge and decided to run. I heard footsteps following me, and so I didn't stop," he narrated.

Reports indicate that the survivor later informed Lawrence’s uncle who reached out to detectives.

According to media reports, Lawrence disguised himself as a woman while executing the heinous act.

Meanwhile, detectives recently revealed that Lawrence had planned the murder of his family three months ago and was inspired by Villanelle's character in the TV series dubbed 'Killing Eve'.

Lawrence confessed that he had been reading two novels titled eight perfect murders and eve of murder before committing the gruesome murders.

The 24-year-old then proceeded to brutally kill his parents, sibling, a cousin, and a mason.

Before the heinous act, Lawrence is said to have complained to the girlfriend, Sarah Muthoni, who is also being question by police, of the treatment he was receiving at home.