Benson Mutura, acting Nairobi Governor has handed over the instruments of power to the newly elected Deputy Governor Anne Kananu Mwenda.

Kananu replaces Speaker Mutura as acting governor as she awaits her swearing-in.

"I am not a politician, and I will not start being one. I’m focused on bringing a new spirit of cooperation, collaboration, partnership, and mutual respect with all organs of gov’t. Nairobi is now back on course," Kananu said as she received the instruments of power. 

She took the oath of office Friday last week with events leading to her installation – from vetting, report approval, and oath-taking – happening in under record five hours.

Speaking at the event, Mwenda said she would run county affairs as deputy governor until the Assumption of Office Committee finishes the process of getting her sworn in as governor.

She said she will commence public participation to collect views from Nairobi residents on the state of service delivery in Nairobi before acting on them.