Renowned lawyer Edwin Sifuna who also doubles up as ODM Secretary General has hit out at Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi for accusing him of disrupting Monday’s Special General Meeting (SGM).

According to Havi, Sifuna came to the meeting with the aim of disrupting the proceedings.

“The ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna came to disrupt the SGM as is his habit. I will move a motion at the AGM for him to perform community service by slashing grass at Gitanga Road for three weeks,” Havi Tweeted.

Reacting to Havi’s tweet, Sifuna noted that he is a registered member of LSK and as such, he is entitled to attend any meeting and make his contributions.

He hit out at Havi terming him a disgrace to LSK.

“I am a lawyer and a paid up member of the LSK. It is a shame that you and your goons only saw my party even at a meeting of a professional body I belong to. You incited the goons by lying that I wasn't a member! You are a disgrace, the worst plague to visit LSK. Shame on you,” Sifuna tweeted.

Meanwhile, the SGM was disrupted by members over Havi's proclamation that Parker Randall firm will be hired to audit the institution's books.

This comes in the backdrop of a financial crisis at the LSK as it grapples with a Sh186 million tax bill.