Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has hinted at a move to prosecute President Uhuru Kenyatta after he leaves office next year.

Speaking on Tuesday, Linturi stated that President Uhuru’s failure to appoint judges is an impeachable offense.

Notably, he adds voice to a debate initiated by former Chief Justice David Maraga who stated that President Uhuru had violated the constitution over failure to appoint the judges.

According to Linturi, currently, impeachment is impossible but prosecuting President Uhuru after leaving office is open.

“ Article 143 of the constitution says the president is not immune to prosecution, he is immune to the extent of crimes, violations of constitution at a personal level during his tenure. But after office, some of us would want an audit of his actions,” said Linturi.

The senator added that President Uhuru should face several impeachment motions for violating the constitution repeatedly.

He claimed that President Uhuru has become the face of impunity.

  Speaking during the same debate, Soi MP Caleb Kositiany stated that under Uhuru’s leadership, Jubilee will go down as one of the worst governments.  

“The president has violated the law & been in total disregard of the constitution. To have a successful impeachment there should be buy in of 243 MP’s which is not easy to attain. Jubilee will go into history as one of the worst political parties,” said Kosiatany.

During Maraga’s tenure, President Uhuru came under heavy criticism over failure to appoint judges who had already been vetted.