Two employees of Spectre International are set to be charged for allegedly diverting consignments of neutral spirit destined to a beer manufacturer in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Following the diversion, the Kenya Revenue Authority lost Sh20 million in taxes.

Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi put Mr. Salim Nyakundi Masea and Mr. Joseph Njenga Thimwa on their defense in the tax evasion case.

The two are accused of diverting three lorries transporting 32 drums of the high-quality spirit used to manufacture dry gin in October 2016.

Spectre International is part of the flagship business by opposition leader Raila Odinga. However, the company is different from his other company East African Spectre. Ida Odinga is the current director of Spectre International. 

The lorries were directed by the two accused persons together with Mr. John Mayenga Ongechi, all drivers of Patialla Distillers Kenya Limited.

Mr. Mayenga escaped soon after he was released and his cash bail was forfeited to the state as a warrant of his arrest hanging over his head.

Justice Andayi also acquitted eight other co-accused persons including two directors of Patialla Distillers- Ms. Mary Waigwe Muthoni and Mr. Francis Kiambi for lack of evidence.