The court has remanded two suspects in the murder of a girl in Tharaka Nithi suspected to have been a victim of ritual sacrifice.

On Tuesday, January 19 2021, the court in Chuka remained the suspected witchdoctor, 94 and his client, 32 for 7 days to allow police to finish the probe.

According to the reports the 32-year-old man said he had been directed to sacrifice a girl, goat and a chicken and surrender the hearts so that he could be protected from his relatives “who were planning to kill him”.

Maara Sub-county Police Commander Mohammed Jarso said the hearts of the slaughtered goat and chicken were missing but that of the girl was intact.

Ritual killing

The girl was beheaded but no part of the body was missing where her brother found the head.

Police said the suspected witchdoctor claimed that his client turned violent and killed the goat and chicken before turning on the girl, who was picking some passion fruits at his farm.

Evans Mawira, the girl’s brother, said that, when asked what had happened, the old man told him that he was ready to give him his only dairy cow in exchange for the girl.

“When I pushed the old man from where he was sitting down, I discovered the head of my sister and screamed in shock,” Mawira said.