Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has weighed in on the rising cases of students attacking teachers, noting that parents are to blame.

Speaking on Wednesday at Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School in Kariobangi, Nairobi County Prof Magoha claimed that parents have not been disciplining their children, hence the decay of morals.

"The problem is that parents are not giving their children tough love... because for nine months a child has been at home and you've been treating him like an egg and you expect the Principal to instill in him discipline, what do you think will happen?" he posed.

He urged the relevant authorities to take stern action against those found guilt, adding that teachers should be more careful when dealing with students.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier this week addressed the issue noting that everyone has a role to play in solving the issue.

Speaking on Monday during an interview with a number of vernacular radio stations, the President appealed to religious leaders, parents, teachers and community leaders to instill good morals among students.

Addressing parents, the Head of State urged them to closely monitor their kids, adding that they should examine content being consumed by their kids and the company they keep.

“The government alone can’t enforce good conduct. Let’s work together to eliminate these ills,” he said.

The latest case of a student attacking a member of staff happened over the weekend where a form three pupil at Nyang’ori Boys High School in Vihiga County, allegedly hit and killed a school guard with a metal rod.