The government has banned students from carrying small bottles of sanitizer to school. 

Speaking on Wednesday, education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha directed all teachers to ensure the measure is implicated. 

According to Magoha, small bottles of sanitizer carry safety concerns for students. 

He made the remarks while addressing the press Wednesday morning after meeting education stakeholders at Our Lady of Fatima Girls Secondary School in Kariobangi North.

Prof Magoha called on teachers to take away and keep the sanitizers for their students, and only give them back when they are leaving the school premises.

He cited an incident where the sanitizers were used to start a fire in a school.

“I want to tell teachers that they must not allow small-bottle sanitisers into schools. If any child has portable sanitiser, it should be taken and kept and given when the child is leaving school. We have already seen that a fire was started using a sanitiser in one of the schools,” said Magoha.

This comes just a day after the property of unknown value was destroyed at Cheborge Boys Secondary School in Kericho after a fire broke out in a dormitory.

One side of a twin dormitory was damaged but the cause of the fire is yet to be established