Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid has received a major boost after the Kalenjin Myoot Council of Elders endorsed it.

The Myoot Council of Elders is a crucial body in Rift Valley as it brings together all the sub-tribes of the Kalenjin community.

Having endorsed DP Ruto and crowned him as the community’s spokesperson, the elders cannot endorse any other person for the same role. This is a blow for Baringo Senator Gideon Moi who was hoping to receive the elders’ blessings to lead the community.

Speaking after endorsing DP Ruto, Myoot Council of Elders Chairman Benjamin Kitur noted that the decision to endorse DP was out of merit, as he has all the required traits to lead the community.

“There is no behind-the-scenes lobbying and the decision is arrived at after a lengthy consultation within the council. We deliberated on this matter the entire Sunday night and the 10 of us reached a consensus that Gideon should wait.

“There has been push and pull since 2016 on who should be the Kalenjin spokesperson. As community elders, we have taken this matter seriously and settled on DP Ruto, since he is capable of uniting us with other Kenyans and contesting for the presidency,” Kitur told a local daily.

Meanwhile, Senator Gideon Moi was early this year blocked by rowdy youths from accessing Talai Elders for an endorsement.

The youths alleged to be supporters of the DP forced Senator Moi to make a U-Turn and abandon his original plan.