The  African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development Raila Odinga has hit back at Deputy President William Ruto after the latter blamed the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party for Jubilee failures. 

DP Ruto on Friday blamed the former premier for the troubles in the Jubilee party and the failure of the administration to deliver on the election promises.  

"You are squarely to blame for the failure of this administration to deliver on our mandate because you came and overturned our priorities and changed our focus, destroyed our party. Today we don't even have a party," DP stated. 

ODM Leader Raila Odinga 

In a rejoinder, Odinga who has been rallying his supporters behind the building bridges initiative (BBI), questioned DP Ruto on why he was changing the narrative years after the administration's failure. 

"Mr Six months. The youngsters you promised laptops 8 yrs ago are now old enough to see through your LIES. The youth you promised 8 million jobs in 8 yrs can see through the WHEELBARROW lie you are now peddling. It has been 8 yrs Mr 6 months and not 3yrs. No Mr 6 months!," part of Odinga's tweet read. 

In addition, the former premier attached a clip where DP Ruto in an interview mentioned that if Jubilee failed, the fault was on President Uhuru Kenyatta and him. 

"The fact that I am elected deputy president, the people of Kenya, if things go wrong in this government, president Uhuru Kenyatta and I will be the ones to be asked," DP Ruto says in the interview.