The directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) has warned students that any charges preferred to them will reflect on their certificate of good conduct. 

According to a statement issued by DCI on Tuesday, parents and guardians have been warned to advise their students accordingly since any criminal record will be a permanent feature on their police clearance certificate. 

File image of students in a class taking their exams. 

"This is to, once again, warn every student from primary school, secondary school, college, and university that the directorate of criminal investigations is archiving and consolidating charges that may be preferred to each and every student involved in any crime. 

"Let each student be informed that it will automatically be reflected on the police clearance certificate (Certificate of good conduct) when such student will apply for one. This will be a permanent criminal mark that will bar many students from achieving their goals as no employer of worth will dare employ such characters,'' part of the statement from DCI read. 

The full statement from DCI: