BBC presenter Sharon Machira has come under fire from a section of netizens after covering the controversial Kenyan Spy Queen documentary on private detective Jane Mugo.

Mugo trended for the better part of the day Monday after the BBC Africa Eye documentary aired the video that captures her interesting life and work went viral.

The majority of those who expressed their views online felt BBC Africa took them for a ride. 

BBC’s Sharon Machira interviewed the “Spy Queen,” who let viewers into her ‘detective’ life.

The documentary was characterized by her vicious dogs led by one known as Hitler, her chef who is tasked with tasting all her meals before she eats and her squad led Charlie One.

However, come Tuesday morning, netizens have turned their attention to Macharia for covering Mugo.

Here is a sample of views expressed by Kenyans on the piece.

“That Jane mugo thing and Sharon machira lack content at all i wasted my bundles watching,” posted Jeffery Yegon.

“But that Sharon Machira should be fired. Should only be spared if she is an intern. She can even edit the video to suit her narrative,” said Samuel Macharia.  

“It was so painful guys..and that's why i didn't take enough food. Sharon Machira where are you?,” said Moses Muha.  

“I suspect the editor was also tired with the nonsense courtesy of Sharon Machira & Jane Mugo. Otherwise, how do you explain his/her failure to cut this off,” Maureen Ambasa posted.  

“Sharon Machira shouldn’t be crucified alone. Her boss who approved the stupid thing is @vlad_hernandez_ and probably did it to laugh at us. The whole BBC Africa Eye is setup on caricaturing Africans with mediocre, shallow or pathetic pieces of “investigations,” said Robert Alai.  

“Aki ile part anathema i am journalist Sharon Machira and have spent months covering her secret world, shameless,” Alecky Ronald.  

By press time, Machira had not come out to respond to the backlash.