Lawrence Warunge, the prime suspect in the murder of five family members in Kiambu county has been found unfit to stand trial.

The university student admitted to killing his father, mother, brother, cousin and a worker, at their home before fleeing the crime scene.

Mental assessment results presented by a psychiatrist before a Kiambu court ascertained that Warunge was not fit to stand trial.

The court ordered Warunge to be remanded for a further 30 days after which a second mental assessment would be undertaken.

His girlfriend, Sarah Muthoni was released after she reached a deal to become a state witness against Warunge. 

Planning killings

According to detectives, Lawrence had planned the murder of his family three months ago and was inspired by Villanelle's character in the TV series dubbed 'Killing Eve'.

The murder suspect also confessed that he had been reading two novels titled eight perfect murders and eve of murder before committing the gruesome murders.

The 24-year-old then proceeded to brutally kill his parents, sibling, a cousin, and a mason.

Before the heinous act, Lawrence is said to have complained to the girlfriend, Sarah Muthoni, of the treatment he was receiving at home.