The United Democratic Party has suffered a setback after one of its recently launched offices was defaced.

Early this week, the party unveiled its office in Kabartonjo, Baringo County, only for it to be defaced two days later.

Unknown persons painted the logo black using engine oil.

According to Almeida Ayabei, Chairperson of team hustler in Baringo, the building was probably defaced by UDA’s political opponents.

“I suspect our opponents did it and I dare them to come out and do it during the day,” he told a local daily.

Meanwhile, UDA party is on a mission to launch offices across the country ahead of the grassroots election meant to elect party officials.

“An elaborate plan has been put in place to make the party the big thing in Kenya… We have succeeded in changing the name and already have our headquarters. Now we are in Phase Two where we are set to open offices in all the sub-counties and county headquarters.

“From there, we will elect officials in all our branches to the top leadership. This is the party by the hustlers and for the hustlers and we want them to own and be part of every step and process of the decision-making in the party,” UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama said.