Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has addressed his friendship with impeached Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Speaking on Thursday during an interview with NTV, Waititu explained that he does not harbour hard feelings towards Sonko since he understands his character.

He also dismissed claims by Sonko that the two used to smoke Marijuana together, stating that he does not abuse any drugs or stimulants.

"Sonko was my friend even before we became governors... we don't see each other and I don't have a grudge towards him," Waititu said.

Smoking Pals

"The way I know Sonko he can say anything... I have never smoked cigarettes, bhang abused drugs, I don't even take alcohol I am very sober... for him to say that I was smoking bhang with him I don't worry about that because I know he can say anything," he continued.

In 2019 while appearing on Jeff Koinange's JKL, Sonko revealed he used to smoke bhang with Waititu during their tenure as members of the National Assembly.

"I think he (Waititu) used to smoke a lot of bhang when he was an MP," he stated.

"I am a witness to this. We used to go to a certain toilet there, we used to smoke a lot of bhang with that guy. In fact, he used to hide bhang in the socks," he continued.

He further divulged that he was a witness despite Koinange's constant interjections that he should not make unsubstantiated claims.