ODM leader Raila Odinga has affirmed his belief in God adding that he was surprised some people said he didn't.

Speaking at Ufungamano House on Thursday where he held a town hall meeting with religious leaders from across the country, Odinga stated that it was only through God's grace he had survived all the tribulations with his family. 

"I’m a beneficiary of God’s mercies and miracles, so many times I’m left speechless when holier-than-thou members of our country say that Raila does not believe in God….ni mtu wa vitendawili…who will not believe in God after going through what I have gone through? Odinga posed. 

The former premier mentioned that while he supported church growth, he cautioned against the use of the church to play politics and launder money. 

“We support the growth of the Church... we support the funding of the Church but we are against the use of the Church to play politics. People should also not use the church to launder money

"We want partnership with the Church. In 2010 there were wild allegations that were made... some said the new constitution was going to introduce abortion, some talked of the Kadhis courts etc. This document is about inclusivity & oneness," Odinga told the clergy. 

At the same time, the ODM leader rallied the clergy to support the building bridges initiative. 

“I am here to you to support the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and myself... be the Moses and Joshua that will lead our nation to Canaan," Odinga sated.