Deputy President William Ruto has responded to President Uhuru Kenyatta after the head of state said he has no debts.

On Sunday, DP Ruto said Uhuru owes him nothing adding that the president only has one debt which is to Kenyans who elected him.

The DP further stated that he is grateful to Kenyans for picking him to be Uhuru's running mate and electing him to serve as the deputy president.

"I agree with President Uhuru Kenyatta, he doesn't owe me anything, that is the truth because when I decided to support Uhuru Kenyatta I did not give him any conditions," Ruto said.

"No tribe owes me anything as a politician... in fact if there is anyone with a debt it is me to Kenyans who gave me this opportunity," he continued.

Uhuru's Debts

President Kenyatta on Saturday told off his critics, saying that he does not owe anyone any debt.

He appeared to be addressing quarters keen reminding him that he was indebted to his deputy William Ruto with whom he made the inroad to Kenya’s top job.

Speaking in Sagana where he met a delegation of more than 5,000 people, Uhuru said he was only in debt to the Kenyan people who gave him the mandate to lead and govern.

“Some people keep saying I made a promise to them, no, I only have a promise and covenant with the people of Kenya. That is the promise I am implementing,” Uhuru said.