President Uhuru Kenyatta has hit out at ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko accusing him of failing to run the city.

Speaking on Sunday, President Uhuru said that despite claiming he was youthful, Sonko was unable to run the city and could be seen at functions, boasting about his job while decked in fancy sun-glasses. 

Uhuru said he had attempted to help Sonko severally before his unceremonious ouster.

"I tried to help my friend the other day, ati yeye ni Kijana, I told him if you need help, I will bring someone told help you, wewe kazi yako ni kuvaa goggles and then telling people, oh, look at the job I’m doing,” he said.

The head of state said Sonko was not keen on getting the needed assistance, because he wanted to continue enjoying the monetary perks that came with the position, inadvertently orchestrating his own ouster. 

“I told him if he was not able to deliver, I would bring him someone to help, but he was reluctant because he wanted to continue ‘eating money’, then I told him, if that’s it, then bye,” Uhuru added.

He added: “He has now resorted to insulting me, I have no problem with that because everyone can see work in Nairobi headed in the right direction."