Former employees of the KK Security company have been awarded Sh60 million in a record labour relations case.

A Kisumu court awarded the 43 employees following their dismissal in 2011.

They were stationed at the United States of America installations in Kisumu, Kombewa and Kericho towns.

Senior Principal Magistrate Robinson Ondieki in his ruling stated that the dismissal was against the country's labour laws.

Ondieki ruled that employees were wrongfully dismissed without their employer giving them an adequate explanation.

Speaking to the media after the ruling, the claimants' lawyer Carlos Ouma said they were happy with the outcome of the case.

Ouma said that his clients were maliciously sacked and they have been in and out of court for nearly 10 years pursuing the matter.

"We are happy the court has agreed with us; this is my clients' day and I'm sure this will act as a lesson to many other employers as well," he said.

Following the ruling, the former guards were awarded an average of Sh1.4 million each