President Uhuru Kenyatta is adapting a new strategy to tame his deputy William Ruto as he pushes for the adoption of the BBI report.

In the recent past, Ruto has increasingly opposed the BBI report fuelling discomfort in the Mt. Kenya region.

However, President Uhuru has adapted four strategies to push the BBI through while at the same time handling Ruto's influence in the country. 

Sources close to the Head of States indicate that President Uhuru's strategy includes personally taking charge of the referendum campaigns, punishing rebel MPs, dishing out goodies to key target groups, and building consensus with leaders across the political divide.

President Kenyatta will take charge of the referendum campaigns holding nationwide meetings starting with Mt Kenya before moving to other regions.

During the campaigns, President Uhuru will be accompanied by friendly governors and MPs.

Already, there are plans to punish rebel lawmakers beginning with nominated Senator Issac Mwaura who has been summoned before the Jubilee disciplinary committee. 

Among the accusations facing Mr Mwaura are that on December 31, 2020, in Msambweni Constituency, he acted contrary to the conduct expected of a Jubilee member when he publicly announced his new-found political allegiance to the United Democratic Alliance party during the homecoming party of the newly-elected MP Feisal Bader