South Mugirango Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro has revealed what transpired on Monday before he engaged in a fistfight with his Dagoretti North counterpart Simba Arati.

Speaking to a local daily, Osoro noted that he was angered by Arati’s remarks regarding the 2007 post-election violence.

According to Osoro, being one of the victims of the violence, he felt that some of Arati’s remarks were insensitive, and could not hold his cool anymore, thus the confrontation and eventual fistfight.

“Arati provoked me… I have been a victim of post-election violence. One of my motorbikes which I operated in Molo in 2007 was burnt by goons while the other was stolen. It was then that I fled the place and hiked a lift to Nairobi where I started selling groundnuts and later became a newspaper vendor,” he said.

On Monday, Simba Arati and Osoro clashed at the burial of Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi’s father attended by Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Addressing the DP, Arati noted that the company Ruto keeps does not represent the face of Kisii leaders.

Arati rattled DP Ruto's supporters after stating that two communities have been president since Kenya gained independence. 

"When you were in ODM our people in Kisii were killed in Rift Valley, ask for forgiveness here for our people who died in Rift Valley," Arati said.

Following this statement, South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro stormed the podium and grabbed the mic from Arati and the two came to blows.

Police and officials who were close by jumped into action to separate the two leaders as the crowd chorused pro-Ruto chants.'