ODM leader Raila Odinga was on Thursday asked whether he would be running for President in 2022 when he appeared for an interview in a local station. 

Odinga's answer has always remained standard due to the number of times the question has been asked stating that he would not speak about 2022 politics.

However, this time, Odinga declared that he would speak about his 2022 presidential ambitions once the building bridges initiative (BBI) has been passed. 

"I am not talking about 2022 now. I will only talk about it after we have passed the BBI," Odinga stated. 

The former premier tackled a variety of issues including the recent car grants promise to members of county assembly (MCAs) in exchange for passing the BBI bill. 

"Car grant promise to MCAs is not a bribe to pass the BBI. I do not think that any MCA will feel obligated to pass the BBI merely because the government gave them a car grant. I think the MCAs are going to vote for or against the document on the basis of their conviction," he said. 

The ODM leader also responded to a section of leaders from the central region who have claimed that he is unsellable in Mt. Kenya. 

"I am not trying to market myself in Central Kenya because I am not campaigning. I think I have a democratic right to go to every part of this country to market BBI and central Kenya is part of Kenya," Odinga affirmed. 

On Wednesday, Siaya became the first county in the country to pass the BBI bill. 

During President Uhuru Kenyatta's meeting at Sagana State lodge in Nyeri County last week, over ten counties from the central region promised to pass the BBI bill.