The family of a man killed by a VIP convoy heading to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Sagana meeting is demanding justice.

The Karundas area family wants the government to take responsibility for the death of their kin who was run over by a vehicle allegedly transporting government officials to the Saturday meeting.

According to the family, Chris Nderitu, 45, left his home on Saturday for a shopping run when the incident occurred. Nderitu was in the company of his relative who witnessed the accident.

The relative had earlier questioned the speed of the convoy considering it was on a busy road.

Reports indicate that the victim was in a wheelchair, a fact he believed was enough to keep the drivers on their lane.

“Gari tatu ilimgonga…magari kubwa..hiyo ma V8…lakini hakukufia hapo, alikufa akipelekwa General,” said Jecinta Wanjira, an aunt to the deceased.

The accident is said to have occurred after one of the vehicles tried to overtake the others in the convoy.

“Ako na kijana anasoma secondary…serikali iangalie hiyo maneno vizuri, kwa sababu hakuna mtu mwingine atakuja kuangalia hii mji,” added Ms. Wanjira.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was meeting Central Kenya leaders at the Sagana State Lodge, which saw the desolate Chaka-Kiamanga road become a hive of activity.

It is still unclear which government official was involved in the accident.

However, a number of senior officials were reportedly sighted at the home of the late Chris Nderitu.